The Happily In-Love Experience (TM)

You desire a relationship that makes you feel cherished, supported and in-love. 


Not one where you fight all the time, feel like you're walking on eggshells, and there is a gaping wound where connection and love used to be. You want intimacy, passion, deep meaningful conversations and fun together again.

So many high-achieving and successful women are sent to me from other relationship therapist and coaches when nothing else seemed to work. They often feel hopeless, angry, and believe they've tried everything to fix their marriage...but they're not quite ready to give up. They want to make a last-ditch effort before separating, resigning to an unhappy relationship forever, or signing the divorce papers. They just don't know what else to do.


The Happily In Love Program will give you the tools, hands-on coaching, and know-how to fix your relationship and get the loving, supportive, and authentic marriage you deserve.


This exclusive program will help you to gain clarity on what you AND your partner truly need in your relationship to ensure it not only survives - but thrives.


You'll discover the hidden broken patterns that are sabotaging your relationship now and keeping you from true, authentic connection. And you'll get a 5-step process to heal the pain and resentments that are clouding your love. 


Finally, I teach you how to improve your communication, set healthy boundaries, raise your confidence and self-love, and give you the intimacy skills that will make your partner fall back in-love and virtually divorce-proof your relationship.

"My husband has changed through the process of me changing and I didn't have to force or push it. I feel more empowered and more open as a person because I'm not hiding behind the hurt and pain anymore. This is the most powerful program and it's 100% worth the time, money and energy because of the happiness and joy that comes from it."



"I've had so many amazing changes through this program. My marriage has improved, we don't yell anymore. I feel safe and secure in my relationship and because of that I sleep better, have less anxiety and can go after my dreams. I never dreamed this life was possible for me!"



I'm Valerie Kolick, M.A.

My mission is to help you save your marriage and create a connected, passionate and loving relationship for you, your partner and your family.


I've spent almost two decades and close to $1Million in education, research, and mentorship to help women transform their relationships when their partners are resistant to change. 


I'm essentially your one-stop shop (that's why my clients pay me the big bucks). I have extensive experience in relationship and couples counseling/psychology, trauma healing, neuropsychology, brain-working recursive therapy, tapping, somatic healing, meditation/hypnosis, and subconscious reprogramming.


I got all of this training because I've been there. In a painful and lonely relationship with a man who wasn't interested in therapy...but I valued marriage, him, and our children's happiness.


So, I decided I wasn't going to wait for my husband to change before I could find my happy. So I used my training to completely transform my marriage quickly! 20 years later and we're still "in-love".


I believe rapid transformation can happen when you have the right tools...and I've seen it happen countless times with a 90% success rate.


And I want to give as many women as possible this step-by-step plan. Unfortunately, my appointments are booked out almost a year, and not everyone can afford the 5-figure investment in private coaching.


That's why I've distilled my processes, strategies and tools into this step-by-step program...and the results are mind-blowing!!


The Happily In Love Experience

On these live group calls, held via zoom, you'll be able to ask ME (Valerie) specific questions and get coaching from me in real time. I'm known for my rapid coaching where you see life-altering results in just minutes instead of years of therapy!

3-6 Bite Sized Training Videos Per Module

Each Module has 3-6 Bite-Sized Training Videos so you get exactly what you need with none of the fluff.

Implementation Workbooks

Clarity comes from writing, and knowing comes from doing. That's why each module will come with journalling prompts, activities, and actions to ensure you are implementing everything you are learning. 

Meditations & Guided Visualizations

Change can be tough and our brain doesn't like it. That's why I'm giving you brain-based meditations and guided visualizations that will ensure change is easy, quick and happens at a subconscious level. 

The Rapid Relationship

Transformation Method (TM)


Discover the Broken Patterns * Change The Patterns * Reignite the Relationship


Remember, the Rapid Relationship Transformation Method (TM) is not a typical method - which means you're not going to get "typical" results! Every step is tested and validated, so that by the time you complete the program, you have the relationship you truly desire!


**NOTE: If you miss any of these steps or any of the broken patterns you may not get the desired results. The Happily In Love program GUARANTEES you don't miss anything!



Personal Patterns

Module 1: The Relationship Mindset: Get Your Head On Right

Limiting beliefs and sabotaging thoughts can keep you stuck and spinning your wheels in your relationship. This step helps you to release these negative patterns so you can step into your relationship healing with clarity and peace. 

Module 2: Feel Adored and Cherished

Want your partner to adore and cherish you? Well, you've got to start loving yourself even more! This is the part in the journey where you release your self-doubts and step into your power and confidence!

Module 3: Becoming Brave and Kind While Setting Boundaries

Feel like a doormat sometimes? Holding on to lots of resentments? Feel like you've completely shut down (or your partner has?). These are all boundary issues. When you set healthy boundaries you teach others how to treat you!!

Relational Patterns

Module 4: When I Do This, He Does That!

Every relationship has it's own dance. Moves of push and pull, pursue and withdraw, negativity and blame. These are patterns of negative interactions that create distance in your relationship. In this Module I'm going to show you how to find the broken dance of your relationship and what actions need to be taken to change that dance. 

Module 5: Why Does He Do What He Does? And How To I Get Him To Change?

In this module you will start building a Connection Blueprint for you and your partner. The blueprint will show you exactly why you and your partner act the way you do in the relationship and how to fix each individual challenge. We start with understand the attachment needs and fears showing up in your relationship. When you understand and meet these needs and squash these fears is creates safety and compassion in your relationship. 

Module 6: I'm Tired of Being His Mom! (or being treated like a child!)

Here you'll understand where there are power imbalances that are causing conflict and hurt in your relationship. Generally, one partner will act from a place of being "better than" and the other will go to a place of feeling "less than". This can also show up in feeling like the "mom" or the "child" in a relationship. True intimacy and connection happens when both partners can stand toe-to-toe in love and support. You'll discover where you and your partner land on this spectrum and how to balance the power so you are both equal contributors to the relationship.

Module 7: Stop The Aruging and Start Connecting 

In this module, you'll discover the biggest mistakes most couples make in their communication and relationship. You'll also break down your typical communication patterns and finally understand why he gets defensive, or why you shut down and how you can break these poor communication patterns forever. You'll learn how to communication (with words, actions, and emotions) to your partner in a way where they can receive it so you both can feel heard and understood. No more walking on eggshells!

Module 8: Get the Support and Intimacy You Desire

Your partner doesn't NEED you to wash more dishes or give him more pats on the back. What you and your partner truly need are safety, security, connection and enduring love. At some point in your relationship one or more of these needs weren't being met and that's when the discord starts. When our relational needs aren't met in our relationship we try to get them back by controlling, begging, or shutting down. You'll discover what needs are missing from your partner and from you - so you can fix this quickly and stop the emotional negative spiral and creates a place for growth and resiliency for both you and your partner.

Emotional Patterns

Module 9: Repairing the Bonds of Trust

Did you know there are over 21 ways to break trust in your relationship (other than infidelity and lying)? Things that you might be doing right now. This is what my mentor Terry Real calls "small murders" and this is how passion is lost in any relationship. In this module you'll discover all the ways trust has been broken in your relationship, learn how to stop doing these things, and how to repair the broken trust. I'll also give you a tool to get your partner to stop lying. By the end of this module - you'll have a clear Connection Blueprint created for both you and your partner!! 

Module 10: Stop Repeating the Past Over and Over

"The unresolved issues of our children within are most evident when we begin to examine the conflicts we experience in our romantic relationship." - Cathryn Taylor

Whatever you learned about intimacy in childhood - you will repeat it in adulthood. If you saw your parents fight, your inner child will equate violence with love. If your father had many affairs, you may fear closeness because it equals hurt or infidelity. In this module, you'll discover what inner child wounds are showing up in your relationship and we'll heal them once and for all. This will allow you to no longer be triggered by your partner and you will move to a higher and more spiritual way of loving. (Added Bonus: this helps to also heal your partner!!)

Module 11 & 12: Mending the Wounds and Becoming Free of Resentments

Imagine a funnel filled with dirt. Now, imagine trying to pour clear water through that funnel. What happens? The clear water turns muddy and murky. The dirt is all of the hurt, burdens and resentments you've been carrying around and the water is love. No matter how much love you pour it will never truly be pure until the hurt and resentments are gone. I'm giving you a 5-step process to heal, forgive your partner, and forgive yourself. The amount of freedom, peace, and joy you feel at the end of this is indescribable. 

Ever heard the saying, "Hurt People Hurt People?". Luckily the opposite is also true, "Healed People, Heal People"! Imagine how powerful this will be for you and your relationship!

Reignite Passion & Intimacy

Module 13: Connection. Connection. More Connection.

At this point of the journey, you are on the road to restoration in your marriage. You're feeling closer, more attuned, and connected with one another. In this module you'll discover how to listen, speak and negotiate in a way that adds passion, vulnerability and authenticity into your relationship. This is the breeding ground for divorce-proofing your marriage and ensuring the passionate love you desire.

Module 14: Ramping Up The Passion

Start creating daily habits of passion, intimacy and desire. You'll get tips and tricks for keeping your relationship alive, fun and sexy!

Gina Stasowski

Wife, Mom of 3, Corporate 

THE turning point in my life...

"My life is completely and totally different. I went from feeling powerless to powerful beyond measure. Valerie’s coaching is invaluable. I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far.  Valerie has truly changed my life and the lives of my husband and children forever." 

Carol Clark


We are closer than ever!

"After working with Valerie our marriage just works so much better. We don't raise our voices at each other anymore - and we resolve problems much quicker, our anxieties have almost disappeared and we don't get defensive anymore. Now, we can focus on creating success & happiness in the rest of our life now that we are secure and happy with our relationship! We have reinvested in our relationship, we are more committed and closer than ever!​"

Andrea Colburn

Autism Advocate

Rediscovered my love...

"I’m a stay at home mom to twins and a child with autism. I was constantly busy but felt unfulfilled. After the program, I feel clearer in my purpose and confident. I rediscovered my love of writing and am using my writing to create policy change for my son and other children with disabilities! If you feel like you are just surviving but not thriving, I highly recommend taking this course."

Wendy Smith


It will change your life!

"The class has made me a stronger and more confident woman. I believe in myself and learned how to give myself a break. I would recommend this program to anyone who is questioning if they are living the fullest life they can, wondering if there's more for them, and how to get it. Be open and go for it, it will change your life."

Brenda Lomeli-Cruz

Author The Last 10-Pounds

Helped me shift right away!

"Even just one session with Valerie gave me a new level of insight to what has been keeping me stuck and keeping me from getting the results I want in both my relationship and finances. She gave me a tool that was powerful in helping me shift my behaviors right away!"

Amanda Tress

Digital Marketer, Biz Powerhouse

Finally Overcame Relationship Challenges!

"Working with Valerie was a game changer for both my business and personal life. She helped me identify some items that were preventing me from experiencing happiness and success, and helped me overcome them. Valerie truly cares about her clients and is committed to doing what it takes to help them be successful. I had a record revenue month after meeting with Valerie and I am so grateful for the opportunity to coach with her."

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The Passionista Package

Total Value = $497


Want more passion in the bedroom? Get the secrets to reigniting the passion, feeling sexy, and asking for what you want for a mind-blowing experience. In this package you'll receive: (1) Rekindling the Passion (even if desire is low); (2) How to Talk About Sex With Your Partner; and (3) Turning Your Partner On


(Released by August 15th)


Brain-Based Transformational Tools

Total Value = $3000


One of the reasons this is the most powerful program you'll ever experience is because it changes you from a deep level. Each week I'll give you a transformative tool such as a meditation, tapping script, guided imagery, or hypnosis that will ENSURE long-lasting results and rapid transformation at the identity level. 


5-Day Communication Jump Start & 101 Conversation Starters

Total Value = $197


Need help quick and right now? No problem! I'm giving you a 5-day Relationship Rescue Kit that will jump start your relationship repair quickly. This bonus will jump start your progress and I give you my famous 101 Conversations Starters that you can use at dinner tonight to improve connection!


24/7 Community & Support

Total Value: Priceless


The women in my programs say the community is a magical part of the program. You'll be part of a private facebook community and a LIVE community that will support you, share with you, and be there when you need a hand or a celebration. You've got support 24/7!!


The Anti-Stess Package

Total Value: $197


A struggling relationship is one of the most stressful events we'll ever go through in our lives. That's why I want to give you a toolkit filled with tricks, tips, meditations and more that will help you lower stress and anxiety quickly. 


The Family Relationship Package

Total Value: $397


The quality of our lives is the quality of our relationships. That's why you need to ensure all of your relationships are in great shape. I've put together a powerful package for you that includes: (1) How to Get On the Same Page with Parenting; (2) Healing the Mother/Daughter Wound; and (3) Dealing with In-Laws. The strategies you'll discover here are not sold or taught anywhere else - so don't miss this!!

Meet Your Future Happily In Love Friends!




How Lydia Went From Wanting to Leave Her Marriage to Falling Back In Love



How Amy Went From Hopeless, Desperate and Separated to Reignite A Love With Her Husband 



How Kris Went From Feeling Disconnected and Lonely to Intimate Connection 



How K. Went From Feeling Hopeless To Becoming The Woman She Was Always Meant To Be



How Wendy Went From Struggling With Communication & Connection To Creating Powerful Change In Her Life & Relationship



How Amanda Went From Struggling With Connection To Reaching Her Dreams In Her Life & Relationship

Renee Dolphin

I feel liberated and FREE...

Before working with Valerie, I struggled with lots of resentments and anger in my relationships and through past hurts. Now I have a deeper and more loving relationship with my husband and family and I have discovered so much about myself that has healed me in countless ways. I feel liberated and free from my past.”

Ashley Grant

Professional Writer,

She unlocked issues I didn't even know were there!

"In just one hour Valerie had me balling my eyes out in the best way possible. She unlocked issues I didn't even realize were there and helped me explore how I was feeling and why those feelings were actually lies. I would highly recommend working with her!"

Cat Sagar

Yoga & Meditation Teacher,

The type of coaching, therapy and services that Valerie provides is life-changing...

Valerie helped me get through some of the blocks I was having around perfectionism and overwhelm. In a 1 hour session we were able to go much, much deeper than I expected and she helped me uncover some really interesting stuff surrounding my fear of success and what success means to me. The type of coaching, therapy and services that Valerie provides is life-changing. Valerie has made a huge impact on my life and future!

Lina Caravjal


Helped me to bring clarity and light into my life!

Valerie helped me to uncover my belief system that has held me back from living my true potential. By asking questions on specific areas and times of my life and connecting the answer with my current situations, Valerie helped me to realize my patterns of unconscious thinking that have been playing the game and creating my reality. Infinite thanks for helped me to bring clarity and light into my life!!​

Alissa G.

From eggshells to best friends again...


Before working with Val my husband and I weren’t connecting, I didn’t feel loved, and I was anxious feeling like I was always walking on eggshells. I just wanted my best friend back and felt lost on how to do that.

Within just weeks of joining her program, my husband told me how in-love he was with me and was even leaving me little love-letters. And weeks later I’m sure I have my best friend back and we are connecting on a much deeper level.

I’ve experienced breakthrough after breakthrough and this program has given me the power to truly change our relationship and my own happiness from the inside out. We have gotten to the root of the challenges.

Now, I feel lighter and more loved! If you’re feeling lost, disconnected or even like you’re no longer “in-love” with your partner – Val’s programs are a no-brainer!

Lisa S.

Better Communication and Overcame a Decade of Anxiety

"I was really hesitant to invest in Valerie’s program. I didn’t know if I would get what I expected to out of it. But starting in the first module I was seeing major aha moments! The communication has completely turned around in my marriage and my husband has even seen my change. It’s been a mind opening experience know that I have control over my experiences. I am now off of my stress meditation that I had been on for two years! That’s BIG!"

Ok, Let's Recap


When you enroll in the Happily In Love Experience, you'll receive everything you need to fix your relationship quickly (even if your partner is resisting change). Including...

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After you choose your plan and click the "Start Now" Button, you'll be taken to a secure-checkout form. Enter your information and you'll be taken to a page to get immediate access to the Happily In Love Program and all of your bonuses!

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Includes the Happily In Love program, all of the group coaching calls, bonuses AND One Private 1:1 Coaching Call with Valerie, and Unlimited Text/Voxer support with Valerie through the 14-weeks

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Includes the Happily In Love program, all of the group coaching calls and bonuses

Look What Other's Are Saying!

Start Your Happily In Love Journey Today

Choose Your Plan

After you choose your plan and click the "Start Now" Button, you'll be taken to a secure-checkout form. Enter your information and you'll be taken to a page to get immediate access to the Happily In Love Program and all of your bonuses!

VIP Package

One Payment of

Includes the Happily In Love program, all of the group coaching calls, bonuses AND One Private 1:1 Coaching Call with Valerie, and Unlimited Text/Voxer support with Valerie through the 14-weeks

Elite Package

Includes the Happily In Love program, all of the group coaching calls and bonuses


If you can't find the answer to your question below, e-mail Valerie at or text me at 301-685-0807

What makes this program and all of the testimonials I’ve seen so successful?

What's the time commitment?

Will the live group coaching calls be recorded? How will they take place?

What if I'm already separated from my partner?

I'm interested, but I just don't have the money, time or energy right now.

If you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me share one last though with you, maybe you’re thinking…



"It all sounds great, but I just don't have the money, energy, or time right now"


...then you’re not making the choice at all. You’re letting your circumstances make your choices for you. 


And as you know by now, that’s not how the awesome woman operates. 


You see, our “circumstances” are mostly in our heads. They’re “time and money” excuses we make because we’re not willing to step up and play a bigger game. 


Love, happiness and success don’t care about your circumstances. 


Success always find a way. Greatness always plays a way bigger game. 


That’s what the most awesome women understand. And now, so do you.


Why should I listen to or trust what Valerie has to say?

Should my husband/partner do this with me?

Do I have to be married to do the program?

There has been infidelity in our relationship, will this program still work for me?

Will it work for me if....

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