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How Lydia Went From Wanting to Leave Her Marriage to Falling Back In Love



How Amy Went From Hopeless, Desperate and Separated to Reignite A Love With Her Husband 



How Kris Went From Feeling Disconnected and Lonely to Intimate Connection 



How K. Went From Feeling Hopeless To Becoming The Woman She Was Always Meant To Be



How Wendy Went From Struggling With Communication & Connection To Creating Powerful Change In Her Life & Relationship



How Amanda Went From Struggling With Connection To Reaching Her Dreams In Her Life & Relationship


Gina Stasowski

Wife, Mom of 3, Corporate 

THE turning point in my life...

"My life is completely and totally different. I went from feeling powerless to powerful beyond measure. Valerie’s coaching is invaluable. I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far.  Valerie has truly changed my life and the lives of my husband and children forever." 

Carol Clark


We are closer than ever!

"After working with Valerie our marriage just works so much better. We don't raise our voices at each other anymore - and we resolve problems much quicker, our anxieties have almost disappeared and we don't get defensive anymore. Now, we can focus on creating success & happiness in the rest of our life now that we are secure and happy with our relationship! We have reinvested in our relationship, we are more committed and closer than ever!​"

Andrea Colburn

Autism Advocate

Rediscovered my love...

"I’m a stay at home mom to twins and a child with autism. I was constantly busy but felt unfulfilled. After the program, I feel clearer in my purpose and confident. I rediscovered my love of writing and am using my writing to create policy change for my son and other children with disabilities! If you feel like you are just surviving but not thriving, I highly recommend taking this course."

Wendy Smith


It will change your life!

"The class has made me a stronger and more confident woman. I believe in myself and learned how to give myself a break. I would recommend this program to anyone who is questioning if they are living the fullest life they can, wondering if there's more for them, and how to get it. Be open and go for it, it will change your life."

Brenda Lomeli-Cruz

Author The Last 10-Pounds

Helped me shift right away!

"Even just one session with Valerie gave me a new level of insight to what has been keeping me stuck and keeping me from getting the results I want in both my relationship and finances. She gave me a tool that was powerful in helping me shift my behaviors right away!"

Amanda Tress

Digital Marketer, Biz Powerhouse

Finally Overcame Relationship Challenges!

"Working with Valerie was a game changer for both my business and personal life. She helped me identify some items that were preventing me from experiencing happiness and success, and helped me overcome them. Valerie truly cares about her clients and is committed to doing what it takes to help them be successful. I had a record revenue month after meeting with Valerie and I am so grateful for the opportunity to coach with her."

Renee Dolphin

I feel liberated and FREE...

Before working with Valerie, I struggled with lots of resentments and anger in my relationships and through past hurts. Now I have a deeper and more loving relationship with my husband and family and I have discovered so much about myself that has healed me in countless ways. I feel liberated and free from my past.”

Ashley Grant

Professional Writer, www.famousashleygrant.com

She unlocked issues I didn't even know were there!

"In just one hour Valerie had me balling my eyes out in the best way possible. She unlocked issues I didn't even realize were there and helped me explore how I was feeling and why those feelings were actually lies. I would highly recommend working with her!"

Cat Sagar

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, www.eatstretchnap.com

The type of coaching, therapy and services that Valerie provides is life-changing...

Valerie helped me get through some of the blocks I was having around perfectionism and overwhelm. In a 1 hour session we were able to go much, much deeper than I expected and she helped me uncover some really interesting stuff surrounding my fear of success and what success means to me. The type of coaching, therapy and services that Valerie provides is life-changing. Valerie has made a huge impact on my life and future!

Lina Caravjal


Helped me to bring clarity and light into my life!

Valerie helped me to uncover my belief system that has held me back from living my true potential. By asking questions on specific areas and times of my life and connecting the answer with my current situations, Valerie helped me to realize my patterns of unconscious thinking that have been playing the game and creating my reality. Infinite thanks for helped me to bring clarity and light into my life!!​

Alissa G.

From eggshells to best friends again...


Before working with Val my husband and I weren’t connecting, I didn’t feel loved, and I was anxious feeling like I was always walking on eggshells. I just wanted my best friend back and felt lost on how to do that.

Within just weeks of joining her program, my husband told me how in-love he was with me and was even leaving me little love-letters. And weeks later I’m sure I have my best friend back and we are connecting on a much deeper level.

I’ve experienced breakthrough after breakthrough and this program has given me the power to truly change our relationship and my own happiness from the inside out. We have gotten to the root of the challenges.

Now, I feel lighter and more loved! If you’re feeling lost, disconnected or even like you’re no longer “in-love” with your partner – Val’s programs are a no-brainer!

Lisa S.

Better Communication and Overcame a Decade of Anxiety

"I was really hesitant to invest in Valerie’s program. I didn’t know if I would get what I expected to out of it. But starting in the first module I was seeing major aha moments! The communication has completely turned around in my marriage and my husband has even seen my change. It’s been a mind opening experience know that I have control over my experiences. I am now off of my stress meditation that I had been on for two years! That’s BIG!"

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