I’m Valerie Kolick.

Relationship Expert. Trained NeuroPsychotherapist

How I went from frustrated and lonely wife to helping thousands of women repair, revive and reignite their marriages quickly!

Before becoming the go-to relationship expert. 

Before helping thousands of other women fall back "in-love" with their relationships and their life...there was a lonely, scared and desperate woman. 


Desperate to save my marriage. 


Scared it wasn't going to work and we'd have to break up our family. 


Hopeless that anything would work since therapy had already failed three times and my husband was refusing any more help! 



20+ Years Experience


I was a therapist myself...I should be able to fix my own marriage. 


Unfortunately, everything I was taught about marriage counseling was just not working. I tried to use better communication. I tried to be more positive. I even tried to do more housework (since my husband's love language is acts of service). 


Things would get better for a little - but then boom - just like a rubber band all of the bad habits and patterns would snap back into our marriage. 


I would ask a question, he would get defensive, I would get angry, he would get angrier and I would walk out the front door. 


I quickly realized:

"I'm doing this all WRONG!

I Ran Into A Brick Wall!

After a fight like this, I would get into my car and screech out of the driveway driving around aimlessly for hours. 


Sometimes crying out of hurt, sometimes screaming in anger, and sometimes just numb with hopelessness. Thinking, "If I just drove my car into that wall...then maybe...just maybe...he would change...he would love and appreciate me."


Wondering if it was me. What is wrong with me that I can't make this marriage work? Why can't he love me? Doesn't he want our relationship to work? 




Finally, I pulled over in an empty parking lot as rain pounded on my car windows at 3 a.m. I knew that we loved each other. I knew I was going to do whatever I needed to do to save our marriage, to save our family...and ultimately to save my own happiness. 


So I made a final decision.

I decided I was no longer waiting on my husband to change in order for ME to be happy.

The problems in my marriage weren't all my fault, but my circumstances are MY RESPONSIBILITY. So, I got serious and learned how to change my marriage (and my husband) from the inside out. I learned: 

  • How to find the broken patterns in our marriage that were keeping us spinning wheels and then fix them quickly using the Rapid Relationship Transformation Method (TM) I developed.

  • How to finally heal and let go of past hurts and resentments for good so I could have inner peace and take back control of my emotions. 

  • How to love myself so deeply that I taught my husband exactly how to do it (without him even knowing).

And while I was doing these things...

My Relationship Was Transforming Right In Front of My Eyes...

I was feeling happier than ever before. 


My husband was "wooing" me again. Buying me flowers, telling me how beautiful I am. 


We still had some arguments...but now they end with connection rather than me running out the front door. 


I became the hero of my life, of my family, and best of all...


I've had the honor of helping thousands of women like you skip the years of struggle and finally rebuild the marriage they've always desired (without their spouses even knowing).




Through Pattern Change.

Two decades and $1 Million later, I've developed the Rapid Relationship Transformation Model(TM)...

And it's like nothing you've ever experienced before. 


I teach my clients how to find the broken (often HIDDEN) patterns that are sabotaging their relationships and then quickly change them through the power of neuroscience. We actually get to the root of the problem instead of trying all of the WRONG things so that the relationship can heal quickly - and permanently. 


I've helped clients reignite their love even after a separation. I've coached clients to release years of anxiety and stress in just minutes so they could feel a deep sense of inner peace and self-love. I've shown clients not only where the exact issue is in the relationship - but how to solve it quickly.  


Because the truth is - when you discover and fix the ROOT cause of the relationship, all of the other symptoms start to disappear. 


Imagine what becomes possible when you finally stop focusing on all of the WRONG things and start fixing the RIGHT things.

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The Results Speak For Themselves...

But Lucky for You, I've Got Some Cred Too...

  • Bachelors of Science, Psychology, Ohio State University
  • Masters of Arts, Professional Counseling & Marriage Counseling, Liberty University
  • Master Life Coach Certification
  • Complex Trauma Certification
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider
  • Last Chance Couples Training
  • Relational Life Therapy Certified Practitioner
  • BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (1 out of 24 Practitioners in the United States)
  • Neuroscience of Change for Anxiety, Stress, Trauma and Moods
  • Deep Brain Brainspotting
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Certification
  • Energy Psychology for Trauma and Anxiety
  • Memory Reconsolidation Training
  • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional
  • Internal Family Systems and Parts Work
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Couples Counseling with Gottman Institute
  • Mindfulness Training with Jon Kabat-Zenn
  • Life Coach Training with Martha Beck (Oprah's Life Coach)